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In October 2018, an intelligence officer disappeared while operating against militia forces in Europe. Sources indicated that the officer was still alive and was being used as a leverage in political negotiations. The location and status of our officer remained unknown.

Then, on 29JULY2020, a special missions unit raid recovered information suggesting the officer was being moved through our area of operations during a small window of time in October.  

Task Force 201 is established to discover the sites used to house the intelligence officer and execute a rescue.


CERTAIN APERTURE is a Blackline tactical and espionage simulation. It consists of a series of missions that culminate in a dramatic hostage rescue attempt at a never-before-used airsoft venue with several multi-story structures and 70 acres of woodland.

This is a realism-focused event. Participants will work as a team to gather information, identify the target, conduct reconnaissance, and raid the structures to rescue the hostage. Successes and failures will have real consequences on the ability of the team to complete the mission. 

There is only one chance to get it right.

  • Search Hotel Room

    • Complete​

  • Identify Target Site​

    • Complete​

  • Confirm Hostage Present

    • Complete​

  • Plan / Rehearse Rescue

    • Pending

  • Hostage Recovered

    • Pending


See the current intelligence brief in the PDF below


Close target reconnaissance mission to confirm hostage is on site and inform the rescue planning.


Train and rehearse the mission before kicking off a raid on the target site.

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2008a - Black Bag

Toronto - August 22, 2020 - 1800h to 2000h

To discover where the hostage is being held, teams must gather intelligence from a high value target. 

While one team maintains a close watch on the target, the other will enter a hotel room to plant covert audio and video surveillance devices and search for evidence.


Coordination and communication is key to ensure the operation is complete before the target returns. 


2009a - RECON

New Venue - September 4, 2020 to September 6, 2020

The advance team is deployed to conduct reconnaissance of the target site. 

Teams must work to determine and gather the key intelligence required for the rescue operation. Guard schedules, geography, and radio traffic are all critical elements that will impact the planning. 

Over 36 hours, the reconnaissance team will get first eyes on the new venue and be the only source of information for the coming rescue operation.



PEC - October 17, 2020 to October 18, 2020

With a plan in place, a small group of individuals will focus on rapid envelopment room clearing techniques.

Partnering with a new training company, participants will be provided with two days of intense study and practice. 


2010A - RESCUE

Newmarket - October 23, 2020 to October 25, 2020

The final phase begins with the reconnaissance teams and ISR pushing in final intelligence updates. Meanwhile, Taskforce 201 moves into the area and takes up their positions.


All the pieces are in place. Teams will only get one shot to get it right with success or failure completely in their hands.



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