About Blackline Simulations

What Is Blackline simulations?

Blackline produces an immersive roleplaying experience. You take on the role of intelligence officers and tactical teams as they work to uncover and eliminate threats in the world around you.

We've been creating an alternate reality full of spies and clandestine activities since 2016. We take elements from real-life espionage stories and special operations actions. Then we blend them with familiar gameplay mechanics and cinematic drama to create a unique, one of a kind experience. 

It's as if Jason Bourne and Tom Clancy had an escape room baby.

Why Was Blackline Created?

We were tired of participating in airsoft and military simulation events that didn't focus on realism. Those events penalize people that want to use real tactics, employ practical skills, use equipment authentically, or spend time planning.

We wanted real consequences for our actions. We wanted failure to be a real possible outcome. 

At Blackline Simulations, you can expect a blend between reality and event that is as seamless as we can make it. Intelligence is real, the enemy is everywhere, and your ability to perform will make a real difference to the outcome of the event.

How Can I Get involved?

We offer a variety of roles for players based on experience, equipment, and capability!


If you own airsoft equipment, you may find yourself on a tactical team raiding a building. Are you a drone pilot? We can deploy you as aerial surveillance. Are you into communications and espionage? Join a foot team tracking a spy through the city.

Our events combine elements from multiple disciplines to create an intense experience. Your dedication to your piece of the mission has real impacts on operation success.


You'll be part of something much more significant than you know.

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