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Embedded - Airsoft Helicopter Operations

Updated: Jan 8

One of our photographers, Eddy (his Instagram is here), received his wings during Class 002 of our Rotary Wing Training event. He then returned for Class 003 to embed with our participants and record their experiences. In this photo-heavy post, Eddy captures Class 003 as they rush to get ahead of a convoy carrying stolen intelligence.

We've also taken the opportunity to include a couple of other videos at the end of the post from Aureus Media Labs, Baris Alkis, and our friends at Fenrir Simulations in Quebec. Obviously you can also check out the blog post on our first rotary wing operation as well.

As usual, a huge thanks to Helicopters Canada for providing some of the best rides we could hope for.



Blackline Rotary Wing Operations (Class 03)

Part 1 of 5: Helicopter Training & Mission brief

Participants of rotary wing operations class 03 begin their morning with a safety brief delivered by the pilots. They cover essential topics such as safety and passenger operations, handling the doors / seatbelts / storage compartments, as well as boarding and departing procedures.

Participants at Blackline's helicopter event receive their safety brief.

Now fully kitted, they begin to physical operate and train on the aircraft their squads are assigned to, which is either an AS350 or EC130 helicopter.

By sitting in the tight and cramped interior of the helicopters in full kit, participants are able to reconsider gear load outs as some decide to ditch belts and consolidate gear into single packs to be stowed away in the exterior cargo baskets.

After getting comfortable around the helicopters the official mission brief is given. The team is tasked with recovering stolen laptops with sensitive information by intercepting a paramilitary vehicle courier while they are en route along **REDACTED**


Part 2 of 5: Helo Insertion

Forward Reconnaissance element - HAVOC – locate a suitable LZ for the helo insertion teams. The LZ is marked via smoke and friendly assets soon arrive.

The first two squads arrive at the LZ. Teams disembark the aircraft just as they were trained to do during the morning training and rehearsal secessions.

Task force members begin to sort out there kit, gather their bearings and re-orientate themselves into defensive positions while they wait for the remaining teams to arrive.

The last two squads arrive at the LZ. They follow the same landing procedures and try hard not to face plant from moving through the deep snow or powerful rotor wash produced from the helicopters.

With all personnel accounted for; teams regroup and prepare to make their way to the ambush site.


Part 3 of 5: On the Move

Both Helo assets safely make it out of the LZ while task force members begin to collect themselves and navigate out of the rock quarry.

P3-5. As the window of opportunity to setup an ambush and recover the stolen assets begins to close, the task force quickly navigates through the icy terrain towards an adjacent road along the quarry.

Task force members stand in a defensive position once they reach the ambush site. Team leads begin to devise a plan of attack for when the enemy vehicle arrives.

P11-13. The main assault force digs into the tree line and prepares for the ambush.


Part 4 of 5: The Ambush

The enemy vehicle courier transporting the stolen laptops is spotted by the task force and is quickly disabled. A support gunner from the task force provides effective covering firing allowing other membersto approach the vehicle. As the smoke clears, reaming threats onboard the vehicle are quickly are eliminated.

With the vehicle crew eliminated, a secondary threat emerges 100m behind the courier. Task force members begin to devise a plan to deal with the new threat.

Remaining task force members begin to conduct a search on enemy KIA and the vehicle contents in search of the stolen laptops.

The stolen laptops are found and verified as their primary objective.

Task force members begin to eliminate the secondary threat but take casualties in the process. Enemy kia are identified while wounded task force members are assisted outas the make their way to the helo extraction point.


Part 5 of 5: Exfil

The task force quickly makes it out of the ambush site and arrive at the helo extraction point. A smoke single is lit and aerial assets soon arrive at the LZ.

The recovery team boards the helo with the laptops recovered from the enemy courier.

Airsoft players with pelican case heading to helicopter

The First set of task force members depart the AO. s the second helo takes off dirt and debris can be seen lifting off the ground due to the power of the rotarwash produced by the helicopter.

The helo assets return to pick up the last group of taskforce members.


Additional Content from Other Shooters

Jake Aureus, Aureus Media Lab



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