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Unlock New Opportunities for your Property with Blackline

Are you a property owner looking to maximize the value of your investment? Discover a unique way to leverage your space's potential with Blackline Events.


What is Blackline?

A real life spy game

Blackline is an events company that creates a real-life spy novel - a cross between an action movie and an escape room. We create realistic espionage and tactical adventures for individuals and teams who want to challenge themselves in new ways. To make our experiences the most immersive, we need to lease unique spaces for a few hours to a few days at a time. We look for sites to run our operations centers (event control), espionage scenarios (zero trace activities), and tactical scenarios (combat simulations using realistic replicas and plastic BBs).



Anything, old or new!

If you own or lease industrial spaces, commercial buildings, residential homes, or vacant land, we would love to lease from you! Properties can be in use or idle, and in any condition. We've leased old theaters, abandoned farm houses, motocross tracks, photo studios, woodlots, and offices. Almost any property, new or crumbling, can be used by us! 

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Up to $3,000 per weekend

Anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per location is our budget. We scale the pricing based on the size of the property, how long we're on site, the topography and buildings on the land, as well as what activities you're comfortable with. In general, larger properties with structures and creative freedom from our team are the most valuable sites for Blackline! 


Insurance and Safety

Robust and reliable

Blackline events maintains a $5 million commercial insurance policy, has a detailed liability waiver, and zero claims. Despite the covert nature of our experiences, all our activities are legal and safe - they're similar to scavenger hunts and paintball events. We coordinate with law enforcement, maintain first aid trained staff, and track participants in real time.

Let's Connect

We're passionate about our events. Let us talk about how we can add value to your investment by hosting a Blackline Event. For more details, download our brief, or get in touch!

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