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Weapons Rules

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The Blackline Weapons Rules have four objectives:

  1. To create a realistic combat environment

  2. To encourage thought in selecting and deploying weapons platforms

  3. To create the need for ammunition management

  4. To maintain the safety of all participants

Revision Information:

These rules were last updated on 09SEP19.



All the rules listed below apply at all events UNLESS they are restricted by the event space. This may include reduced velocity, prohibitions on pyrotechnics, or restricted ammunition types. See the details of the event you're looking to attend for any relevant modifications.


Velocity, Ammunition, and Rate of Fire

  • Cannot exceed 330 fps using .43g BBs (2.10J)

  • Fully and semi auto permitted

  • Ceramic, silica, or metal projectiles are PROHIBITED

Hits to Personnel or Equipment

  • Only BB hits result in injury to personnel and/or their weapons

  • Only launched foam/rubber or marking rounds result in damage to vehicles

Weapon Types

  • Firearms must be airsoft replicas only

  • Airsoft replicas must be replicas of real weapons only

  • Machine guns are replicas of belt fed weapons only

  • Sniper rifles and DMRs have no special category or rules

  • Anti-personnel ordinance - launched or thrown devices that disperse BBs - are permitted

  • Anti-vehicle ordinance - launched foam/rubber, or marking projectiles - are permitted

  • Utility ordinance - launched or thrown flash, sound, or smoke projectiles - are permitted

  • Training knives (rubber) are permitted

  • IEDs / mines - static devices dispersing BBs are permitted

Magazines and Ammunition

  • No electric or winding magazines, except for machine guns

  • Machine guns may ONLY use box magazines

  • No loading of magazines outside of designated areas

  • No limit to number of magazines carried

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