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Close Protection Class #1

A basic introduction to Close Protection including planning, management, execution and drills. Delivered by Special Operations experts.

Event Information



19-08-24, 12:00 p.m.

19-08-24, 8:00 p.m.

Toronto, ON

Vicinity of:



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Required Equipment

  • Eye Protection (ANSI Z87.1)

  • Whistle

  • Flashlight (red and white light capable headlamp preferred)

  • Compass

  • Watch

  • Notepad

  • Pen or Pencil

  • Phone with Zello and/or UHF Radio (FRS/GMRS Frequencies)

  • NOTE - A cellphone is not a replacement for watch, compass, notepad, or flashlight

Event Overview

Blackline has partnered with WGT Consulting to offer an Introduction to Close Protection. This immersive training plan enables students to perform their roles as part of a close protection team; increasing the survivability of the Principal and that of their team. 

The one-day training evolution provides the base knowledge necessary to apply previous military simulation experience to Close Protection scenario problems, and will provide new techniques applicable beyond the scope of VIP protection.


Training will be delivered in both classroom and real world practical settings, guided by qualified and experienced military and police instructors. Training will be followed by a culminating scenario testing the teams grasp of the content across a multi-site protection scenario.


Completion of this course allows the participant priority access to Blackline’s Operation Stiletto Crown on September 28/29.


What You’ll Learn

[  ] Principles of Executive Protection and Close Protection

[  ] Close Protection team roles, responsibilities, and profiles

[  ] Close Protection communications

[  ] Conduct of the SAP

[  ] SAP brief

[  ] Walking drills

[  ] Embus/Debus drills

** This is not a certification course. This is an introduction to the skillsets designed to provide basic concepts and drills. Contact control@blacklinesimulations if advanced training or certification is required ** 

** This course requires credentials. Please bring one of the following: Recent police background check, valid PAL/RPAL, proof of security clearance**

Facility Information


  • On Site

  • No charge


  • Municipal Running water

  • Toilets with plumbing

  • Electricity

  • Heating

  • No A/C

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