Camo Surgical Masks, Respirators, and Face Coverings

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

COVID-19 has caused many industries to adjust production, and one of the side effects of that is tactical manufacturers are now producing surgical face masks and face coverings in their factories. This is great for those looking to buy something more elaborate than a blue or black surgical mask, because many different camouflage pattern options are now available. With Blackline requiring all participants have face coverings at their military simulations, it made sense to round up some of the options available to you. To do that, we've broken this article into three sections.

  • Surgical Masks and Fitted Masks

  • Respirators

  • Balaclavas, Gaiters, and Scarves

We'll keep updating this post with more information. Suggest additions in the comments below, or send us an email.

**Blackline provides this list for reference purposes only. Ensure your mask always covers your nose and mouth. Do not assume any of the products below meet standards for particulate protection. Please visit their website and seek out certification if that is important to you.**

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Surgical Masks and Fitted Masks

Crye Precision - SDNY Mask

A perennial favourite of those who love gear, Crye began production of a mask using a 4-way stretch material. Laser cut, machine washable, and available in multicam, coyote, and grey. Two per package. (Images below from the Crye Precision website)

**AUTHOR NOTES** The author received two of these masks. The lack of a nose wire prohibits a secure seal to the face and I find that it doesn't stay on my face that well. The interior filter is sewn into the centerline of the mask, but not on the edges which creates a flap you must properly seat before wearing.

Mystery Ranch - Traditional Mask

Backpacks to surgical-style masks, Mystery Ranch created a simple mask that will stand up to repeated laundering. The addition of an internal sleeve for N95 filters and a bendable nose piece makes this a bit more versatile than the Crye option. Only one colour, and only one per package. Maximum of 25 per order at the time of writing. (Images pulled from the Mystery Ranch Site)

Blackline Simulations - Blog - Tactical face masks covid-19 face covering camouflage Mystery Ranch surgical face mask camo

Mystery Ranch - Street Mask

For a less bulky option, Mystery Ranch is also producing the Street Mask. A more contoured version that has been tailored to not rub against your lips, it does seem to be missing an extra pocket for filtration. The Street Mask still has a metal nose wire to help it conform to your face. Colour options include Navy and Forest Green. (Images pulled from the Mystery Ranch Site)

PERSEC Gear (CANADIAN) - Face Mask

Produced out of Multicam AGILITY two way stretch material, the PERSEC Gear facemasks are perhaps a bit more flexible than other options. The straps will work as ear loops or can be configured to tie behind the head. Hypalon material is used on the edge for durability. Includes a nosepiece for better fit but no filter pocket. Hand made, so stock goes quickly. (Pictures pulled from the PERSEC Gear site and messaging)

**AUTHOR NOTES** The author purchased two of these masks. This is my daily wear mask. While the back of neck and back of head strap relieves ear strain, it is slightly more complex to don/doff. The strap can be reconfigured to the ear loops if required. I also have quite a long face large beard, and although the mask fits well, it could use an extra inch or two in the width/height. Others that use this mask have no complaints and it works well.

CP Gear (CANADIAN) - Fabric Face Mask

CP Gear offers up a simple two layer mask. The outer layer is a tight weave with the inner layer being a softer cotton for comfort against the face. Machine washable, but minimalist on features. No nose wire or filter pocket mentioned in the description. However, it does come in CADPAT TW and CADPAT AR as well as standard black. (Pictures pulled from the CP Gear Site)

Outdoor Research - Essential Face Mask

While OR isn't making them in coyote brown, the black, grey, and fatigue colour options are perfectly suitable. Like the other masks here, the Essential Face Mask is machine washable. OR has also added a nose wire to help create a better seal around the nose, and includes three mask filters with purchase. (Images pulled from the Outdoor Research Site)

DS Tactical (CANADIAN) - Social Comfort Mask

Like CP Gear, this is a Canadian company offering up their own mask type. Machine washable and in a good selection of colours including Multicam, Ranger Green, CADPAT TW, Navy, and Black. Also contains a pocket for extra filtration. (Images pulled from the DS Tactical Site)

SOTECH Tactical - Face Mask

SOTECH was one of the first to market with a camouflage surgical mask, but competition has heated up since then. Masks are available in M81, ACU, and Khaki Tan. These surgical-style face masks include internal pockets for filtering. A metal nose contour piece is present to keep a good seal at the top of the mask. Available in 3- or 10-packs. (Images pulled from the SOTECH Tactical Site)

Perroz Designs (CANADIAN) - Face Mask

Simple design, but limited run. The Perroz Designs face masks come in a good selection of colours, including some interesting reversible options. Surgical style with no nose piece. Just make sure you wash them before reversing! (Images pulled from the Perroz Designs Site)

Titan Strategic - Face Mask

Titan produces some neat patch panels and woobie-type blankets, but like many manufacturers they've added facemasks to their catalog. They produce fitted-style masks with a nose wire, but no filter pocket. Only a few camouflage surgical face masks are available but they're also producing some in more civilian-friendly patterns. (Images pulled from the Titan Strategic site)

Arktis - D200 Surgical Face Mask

Every time we think we find a retailer with a good selection of camo, we find another producing even more. Arktis is a UK company with no less than 25 different colour options available. They're minimal on features. No nose wire or filter pocket as far as the description goes. But you do get some obscure colour options like Irish DPM and Swedish M90. (Images pulled from the Arktis site)

007 Airsoft (CANADIAN) - Premium 2-Ply Fabric Face Mask (GEN 2)

More and more manufacturers are creating masks with extensive camouflage pattern options. 007 Airsoft is offering 20+ patterns and colours. Noteworthy features here include what appears to be a much longer moldable nose piece for a better seal across the bridge of the nose and down the cheek. Apart from the standard filter pocket for added layers of protection, 007 Airsoft also has an optional self-install 1-way-valve that you can purchase separately. This may be a handy upgrade for any mask out there. (Images from the 007 Airsoft Site)

Hike Your Own Hike (CANADIAN) - Face Mask with Filter Sleeve

Another good selection of camouflage patterns in a more fitted style. These include a nose wire for better sealing and a pocket for a filter of your choice. Available in MC Alpine for those of you that are dreaming of colder weather. (Images pulled from the Hike Your Own Hike site)

Tyr Tactical - Huron DLV Soft Face Mask

Tyr produces a soft surgical face mask with an internal filter pocket and a good selection of colours incluidng grey, multicam, olive drab and white. The filter offers the ability to tie nylon straps behind the head or use barrel locks for easier adjustment. (Images pulled from the Tyr Tactical site)

GORUCK - Face Mask with Filter Pocket

A set of reasonably feature-rich fitted masks is available from GORUCK. When you purchase, you get a bundle of three masks (Black, Navy, and Ranger Green) that include nose wire and filter sleeve pocket. Machine washable and reusable obviously. These tie behind your head instead of with ear loops which should reduce fatigue. If you're looking for an option that also benefits others, GORUCK promises to provide 3 N95 respirators to NYC healthcare workers for every bundle sold. (Images from the GORUCK Site)



Project Black - TR1 and TR2

Project Black has been making simple respirators for some time. Their newer TR2 claims to work well with facial hair and is pending certifications for N95 standards. The TR2 uses a replaceable cartridge and has compatibility for Peltor microphone integration. Admittedly, the TR2 looks a lot more tactical than it's predecessor. (Images pulled from the Project Black Site)


The SOTR is a high end tactical respirator which is reflected in both the price and the feature list. Microphone and non-microphone versions, 99.97% filtration against airborne particulates, integration with NVG and over-the-ear ear protection, and helmet compatibility. (Images pulled from the Ops-Core Site)


Balaclavas, Neck Gaiters, and Scarves

Fortyone Tactical - Neck Gaiter and Balaclava

Fourtyone Tactical produces a large number of products ranging from plate carriers to pullovers, but they also have simple face coverings in a wide variety of patterns. To name just a few, they have almost the entire Pencott and ATACS line, as well as night desert and desert tiger stripe. Honestly, if you're looking for a simple way to cover your face in your preferred pattern, this is probably the best option. (Images pulled from the Fortyone Tactical Facebook Page)

Milspec Monkey - Skull Mask Multi-Wrap

Milspec Monkey created a multi-wrap that's not dissimilar to a buff. It can be worn in a variety of configurations based on your needs. While we've linked to the Skull model, MSM has a large variety of patterns to choose from and they come in brown, OD, and urban colourways. (Images pulled from the Milspec Monkey Site)

Condor Tactical - Multi-Wrap

Another wrap option if you're looking for something inexpensive is the multi-wrap from Condor. It's fairly bare bones with limited features but it does come in a few colourways and includes a shemagh-style pattern as well.

Almost Anywhere on the Internet - Shemagh / Keffiyeh

Finally, if you just want to wrap a scarf around your face, you'll be able to get away with a Shemagh. They come in almost every colour, but the patterns are very similar. If putting one on looks confusing, there are plenty of videos out there with instructions on how to tie one well. We've included some images and a link to an Amazon seller, however you're best getting in touch with your local Army Surplus store. Almost all of them sell Shemaghs, and they can use your business right about now. Our local store could use the sales. (Images from this Amazon seller with a pretty big selection)

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