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Why Was Blackline Created?


We were tired of participating in events that didn't focus on realism, or those that penalized people who wanted to spend time planning, use real tactics, practice real skills, or use equipment in an authentic way.

We wanted real consequences for our actions. We wanted failure to be a real possible outcome. 

At Blackline you can expect a blend between reality and event that is as seamless as we can make it. Intelligence is real, the enemy is everywhere, and your ability to perform will make a real difference to the outcome of the event.

The Three Principles


All Blackline events use three guiding principles to ensure we deliver the best possible experience for participants.

1. Safety

Priority number one. No one wants to be injured. All our activities undergo a rigorous risk assessment and we equip players to stop any unsafe activity they see. 

2. Respect

Respect for the venues we use, and the people we interact with is critical. With the flexibility to take 

3. Spirit of the Game

It's simple. Don't use safety or respect to gain an advantage in the event. Some great examples are to not ask for restraints to be removed then try to escape. Or, don't hide critical intelligence behind your eye protection. This also extends to not 'gaming' the scenario.

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